Marvin J. Kemper, Gunmaker

Custom rifle built entirely to a customer’s specifications
Photography by Ric Lambert Studio

Ordering a custom longrifle comes with many decisions.   At times, a customer will want a particular original rifle copied in every detail.   In other cases, there is an interest in having the piece custom designed with a variety of unique or personalized elements.     With any custom rifle, the price will be directly proportional to the level of embellishment.    A custom rifle from Liberty Longrifles LLC will generally cost in the range of $3,000 to $10,000.  After determining each customer’s desires, I will send (via mail or email) a formal proposal that summarizes the specifications, price and anticipated completion timeline.  Signing and returning a copy of the proposal will place the item on my schedule.   In certain cases, such as a very unique or “proprietary” piece, a  deposit will be required to confirm the order.

If you are considering a new rifle and don’t know just what style you prefer, I encourage you to visit the Galleries of Guns.  You will see that I’ve built a wide variety of Kentucky rifle styles and don’t limit my work to any specific school of gunmaking or niche.  If you are interested in a rifle from a specific gallery, or a variation of a particular piece, please contact me with your preferences.  Many of my customers have welcomed my thoughts and recommendations.  Once I know your general interests, I can offer suggestions.   As always, I welcome your phone call, email or visit to my shop to discuss your interests.


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