Marvin J. Kemper, Gunmaker
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Marvin Kemper and his 2016 reproduction of the Indiana State Rifle. Also known as the “Grouseland Rifle” this piece was authorized by the Grouseland Foundation, Vincennes, Indiana in celebration of the State’s Bicentennial (1816-2016)

Offering handcrafted heirloom quality Kentucky longrifles, fowlers and pistols.  I take great pride in offering each of my customers the opportunity to own a historically accurate reproduction of the iconic “Kentucky Rifle.”   I am a full-time artisan and builder of American longrifles, fowlers and pistols, primarily from the flintlock era (1750-1830).  All of my pieces are built to the customer’s specifications.   In some cases this may be a reproduction of a particular original rifle and in others it may be a custom design.   As my gunmaking has evolved, I’ve learned that each person has different expectations and tastes.   Ultimately, my goal is to always meet the desires of my customers, while providing each of them with an heirloom rifle or pistol that will be enjoyed by generations to come. Each piece is hand-crafted from a curly maple blank selected for the highest figure and ultimate beauty.  I use quality American-made components, including Rice Barrels and Jim Chambers locks.  Butt plates and trigger guards are typically sand or wax cast.  Other parts are hand-made.   I genuinely believe that the patchbox is the focal point of any quality Kentucky Rifle and take great pride in crafting an artistic “box.”  With the exception of barrel and lock fabrication, I perform all gunbuilding operations in my shop, including barrel inletting, stock shaping, relief carving, engraving, final finish and assembly.  All engraving is done using the traditional chasing hammer and chisel method.  This ensures a consistency of appearance with arms from the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries.  Stocks are finished with up to ten coats of oil-varnish and hand-rubbed.  If desired by the customer, I will slightly age the wood and metal for a touch of additional warmth. I encourage you to explore my website.  If you have any questions, or if you are interested in discussing a custom built rifle, please contact me by phone, email or mail.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Kindest regards,

Marvin Kemper

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Fleeger Collageb

Featured Rifle: Marvin’s recreation of a classic Western Pennsylvania rifle, as originally built by John Fleeger of Alleghany County (circa 1830).